Chaotic scenes unfolded at this tourist spot when monkeys ran amok


Monkeys can get mean if things don’t go their way. Recently a monkey appears to have gotten mad at tourists in Gibraltar and was filmed chasing them away. The incident was recorded by Naiara Alonso Sosa at a tourist spot in Gibraltar and shared by ViralHog. In the 21-second video, tourists can be seen being attacked by a monkey while trying to climb a flight of stairs.

The monkey clings to the woman and tries to open her backpack to find something to eat. Frightened, the woman screams and tries to break free. Another tourist, who is standing right next to the woman, initially seems confused as to whether or not to intervene. He then stings the monkey as the woman’s struggle continues.

The monkey does not like the gesture of the man and turns to him. Frightened, he immediately tries to run upstairs but another monkey jumps up and blocks his way. The man then decides to run down but the first monkey is now aiming for his backpack. The animals eventually chase the two tourists away.

The incident happened on February 22, 2022, according to Naiara Alonso Sosa, who recorded it on camera.

“I recorded it when I went to Gibraltar because if there was a tourist with a backpack on his back the monkeys would open it for him and in the end this time it was the funniest and it happens that I recorded it.” she says.

Shared on March 19, the viral video has been viewed over 1.25 lakh times on YouTube so far, with many people even leaving their comments.

“Maybe insensitive of me, but I haven’t laughed like this in days,” one user wrote.

“Everyone is laughing but if a monkey grabs my mum and hurts her I will literally be the 1st person on camera trying to beat the monkey. Until he leaves of course,” another user said .

A user shared an encounter with a monkey in Ooty. “I remember when I was in Ooty the monkeys just snatched the packet of cookies out of my hand. Yeah we shouldn’t feed them like that. They’re such adorable animals,” wrote the user.

“It was an attempted robbery lol,” another user said of the monkey’s attempt to snatch the backpack.

“I love animals, but I never trusted monkeys. I don’t know why people want pictures with them,” another wondered.

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