Monkeys attack a woman in a tourist spot and a man saved her


two monkeys attack tourists in Gibraltar and chased them away from a renowned tourist attraction. A boy tried to protect a woman from monkeys who attacked her at a tourist spot in a viral video on YouTube. Naiara Alonso Sosa captured the terrifying scene on tape and Viral Hog uploaded the footage to YouTube. With over 1 lakh views, it went viral.

A monkey can be seen clinging to a woman’s backpack in the 21-second footage as she tries to free herself. Another man who was present at the time intervened to help the woman. The monkey became visibly enraged and began attacking the man.

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Another monkey jumped up and blocked his way up the winding stairs almost immediately. The man can be seen breaking free and running away.

The event happened on February 22, according to the caption of the video.

Here is the link to the video that went viral:

The popular video drew various responses from netizens, who shared their thoughts in the comments section.

According to Naiara Alonso Sosa, “I recorded it when I went to Gibraltar because if there was a tourist with a backpack on his back, the monkeys would open it for him and, in the end, this time it was the funniest and it’s just I just happened to record it.


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