No decision on the statue of Christopher Columbus


The smashed statue of Christopher Columbus at Government House.


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Press Secretary Clint Watson said the Davis administration has not decided what to do about the statue of Christopher Columbus at Government House, which was defaced last year.

Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis had said the Cabinet would decide what to do with the statue, whose presence has been condemned because of Christopher Columbus’ legacy of murder and slavery.

Although a man is on trial for damaging the statue with a hammer last year, nothing has been heard about the government’s plans since the act happened five months ago.

“What I do know is that Prime Minister Davis is really very keen on consultation with his colleagues and so even if there is a position that he personally shares, it does not bear the ultimate reward if his colleagues of the Cabinet do not agree and that is why he wants to bring it is up to them to see what the general consensus is on this and so I am sure that whatever his personal views, whatever the decision Cabinet, eventually it will,” Mr Watson said.

Asked if resolving the issue was important to the administration, Mr Watson said other issues had been prioritized so far.

In 2020, Mr Davis’ communications director, Latrae Rahming, joined a group of people who called for the statue of Columbus to be removed from Government House. The Reverend Sebastian Campbell was among those who urged the public to demonstrate to force the removal of the statue.

Mr Rahming said at the time that he was in talks with parliamentarians who were prepared to table a petition calling for the statue to be removed in parliament.

“If we don’t succeed (to get the document filed), we would have done one thing, at least have a conversation about who we are and where we are, so this petition has sparked a vigorous debate about who we are. and it also highlights the story of Christopher Columbus,” he said.

He added that while the statue should be removed, it should not be destroyed.

“I leave it to historians and government officials to find the rightful place of Christopher Columbus,” he said.


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