Video: Morality police attack on underage girls at tourist spot in Kerala


The girls were near a tourist spot in Thiruvananthapuram when a man, along with other people, started beating them with a stick.

On September 4, some girls, including minors, who came to the tourist site of Vellanickal Para, near Pothencode of Thiruvananthapuram, were beaten up by local men in what appears to be an act of moral police. Media One has now released video of the attack, filmed by a witness trying to reason with the men. Pothencode Police have filed a case on the incident, based on the complaint from the mother of one of the girls.

“The girls live nearby and had come to visit the place. The complaint mentions two girls, one aged 19 and the other aged 11. Maneesh, who lived in the area, allegedly hit the girls on the limbs with a stick. He was arrested under Sections 294 B (sings, recites or utters an obscene song, ballad or speech, in or near a public place), 341 (undue duress) and 324 (willfully causing injury by weapons or dangerous means) of the Indian Penal Code. He was later released on bail,” a Pothencode Police Station official told TNM.

In the video, however, more than two girls can be seen together as a few men approach them. One of them hits the girls with a stick and they start screaming very loudly. The person shooting the video interrogates Maneesh, asking him why he was beating girls. Maneesh responds by saying he only hit them “below the knees”. It’s unclear what triggered the attack, but it appears to be an act of moral policing, when a group of young girls came sightseeing together. The girls told the person shooting the video that they had come to visit a friend nearby and were just standing there when the man started attacking them.

Watch: Video of the incident

A female voice can also be heard soothing the girls, telling them they haven’t done anything wrong. She also asks the perpetrator why he didn’t call the police, if he thought there was a problem. The girls, clearly pissed off, can be heard saying they didn’t want “a scene” and one of them says she’s 13. When asked why he hits girls, Maneesh can be heard asking out loud in the video, “Don’t you read the papers?” Incidents of moral policing are often reported in various parts of Kerala, and tourist spots in particular are not exempt. Earlier this year, a couple were morally policed ​​at Judgekunnu viewpoint in Thiruvananthapuram by a gang of men.


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